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To become a volunteer :

Why become a volunteer :

  • Offers usage of a particular talent for the benefit of the community;
  • Offers experience in a specific field;
  • Offers enriching, valuable and motivating human experiences;
  • Boots self confidence;
  • Satisfy the need to belong to a group.


The responsibilities of volunteer :

  • To share the conception of volunteering;
  • To accept the responsibilities within the limit of his or hercapacities;
  • To understand the dimensions and the limitations of his or her duties;
  • To understand perfectly a task before accepting it;
  • To respect his or her engagement;
  • To respect confidentiality;
  • To know the limits and the characteristics of helping customers;
  • To give all the necessary information requested;
  • To inform the staff at the Centre of any irregularities and to make the necessary changes to correct them;
  • To know the activities of the Centre.


Interests :

Many various implications of a volunteer exist. Here are some examples :

  • Medical and social accompaniment/transport;
  • Friendly visits;
  • Responsibility for meals on wheels;
  • Meals on wheels;
  • Daily telephone calls;
  • Small services;
  • Volunteer comittee;
  • Guignolée (Christmas fundraising for Christmas project);
  • Help with the declaration of taxable earnings;
  • Special activities;
  • Animation;
  • Board of directors;
  • Respite-babysitting;
  • Support in looking for clothing;
  • Cleaning equipments and toys for babies;
  • Financial campaign;
  • Technical support;
  • Volunteer week;
  • Technical support to the organizations;
  • Translation of documents;
  • Help in organizing recreational activities;
  • News bulletin.

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    Volunteer week

    April 7 to 13th 2019