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Support to volunteers :

Support to volunteers :


Welcome :

  • The person who desires to be a volunteer is warmly welcomed by an intervener and is introduced to all the staff;
  • At all times, the volunteer is welcome at the centre.

Orientation :

Each volunteer is interviewed and then can make his or her choice about the field of action and customers he or she want to help. Depending on his or her choice, the volunteer can be sent to other organizations in the area.

Documentation :

Each volunteer will receive a guide booklet and some brochures with information about the services and activities of the centre.

Formation : 

Formation workshops are organized three or four times a year by the paid employees according to the needs expressed by the volunteers.






Recognition :

The recognition of the work of the volunteers is a priority at the volunteer centre.

Various activities and events give the centre the possibility to recognize volunteers:

  • A letter of thanks;
  • Various activities during Volunteer week;
  • Community television broadcasts at CHAU-TV;
  • personal call to emphasize the birthday of the volunteer;
  • Recognition of 5 groups of the area during Volunteer week;
  • Also, every month, recognition of the male and female volunteer;
  • Etc...



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    Volunteer week

    April 7 to 13th 2019