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Services to individuals :

Services to keep people in their home :


Friendly visit :

The friendly visit provides moral support for one or more people, who are alone, either physically or socially. This visit is made by a volunteer, one or two times a week according to the need of the person.


Accompaniment/transport :

It could be a service of accompanying the individual with or without a car. The volunteer accompanies a person to health services, such as: hospital, drugstore, doctor's office or the CLSC.


Daily telephone calls and moral support :

A comforting telephone call made every day or according to the person's need. For some it could be one, two or three calls a week.


Small services :

This is a specific temporary service such as:

  • Help with correspondence, reading;
  • Special requests;
  • Etc.


Meals on wheels :

Meals on wheels consist of delivery of a hot and balanced meal once or twice a week to the home of an elderly and/or handicapped person, depending on the development of the service and the need of our area.

Meals on wheels are available in the municipalities of St-Siméon, Bonaventure, New-Carlisle, Paspébiac, Hope, Hope Town, St-Godefroi, Shigawake and Port-Daniel.


Little Frozen Meals :

On the menu ten frozen meals and three frozens soups. These little frozen meals are prepared at New Carlisle High School under the supervision of Chef Tammy Chatterton with a dynamic team of volunteers. One time a week hundred little frozen meals are prepared with love and enthusiasm!

Volunteers offer delivery service twice a month. You can come and buy your meals at the Vonlunteer Centre directly, just call us 24 hours in advance, with a minimum of 5 meals.

When deliver it's 4,00$ each meal, 1,50$ each soup. When you come at the Centre d'Action Bénévole St-Siméon/Port-Daniel it's 3,50$ each meal and 1,50$ each soup.


Parrish activities for the elders :

Parishes committees have the goal of grouping a few volunteers in the community to organize activities for elders who live in their homes, who don't go out a lot and who have limited activities.



 The goal of the program :

Is to offer a personalized service of daily automated calls to the elderly to ensure their well-being. The participants receive the calls at a predetermined time, once or several times a day. 

 The Pair Program is a way of living in a community that cares about the well-being of its population. A service that provides reassurance and gives the elderly a sense of independence while guaranteeing their security and providing peace of mind for their family and friends.

 Who can join?

Any retired, sick or person living alone can participate in this free program. 


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