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Other services to individuals :

What is the P'tit Bonheur?

 It is a parental support service offered to parents having children from 0 to 6 years :
  • To allow parents to experience parenthood in a natural, harmonious way while maintaining their physical and mental health;
  • To promote the development and maintenance of parental competence;
  • Give moral, physical and technical support to parents of children from 0 to 6 years;
  • To decrease the anxiety faced by new parents;
  • Promote a better parent-child relationship.


P'tit Bonheur services for children 0 to 12 months :Respite-babysitting (0 to 3 months);

  • Respite-babysitting (3 to 12 months, in special situation);
  •  Educational toys to give or to loan;
  •  Psychological support;
  • Technical advices
  •  Rental of equipment for baby or support in looking for equipment for baby;
  • Support in looking for clothing for children (0-6 years);
  • Medical and social accompaniment, when there is a referral.

P'tit Bonheur services for children 1 to 6 years :

  • Support in looking for clothing for children (0-6 years);
  • Educational toys to give or to loan;
  • Rental of equipment;
  • Respite and accompaniment during a crisis or referral;
  • Child car seat.


Note that the intervener/animator is available Thursday to Friday of each week to answer the needs of the families.

Those services are available with the financial support contribution of the Community action program for children, Health and Welfare Canada, in agreement with the Province of Québec.

Income program :

The Volunteer Program provides assistance to people who are unable to complete their tax returns and cannot afford to use the services of tax professionals. Each year, program volunteers assist nearly  75 peoples by completing their income tax returns.

Conditions:   gross income
ingle person 20,000$

Couple or single parent family 26,000$

Volunteers are an essential part of the program. During tax season, they fill out income tax returns for people who are eligible. By providing their assistance, volunteers help meet essential community needs. Volunteers need not be tax specialists, since the returns they complete are generally straightforward. They should above all be willing to devote time to helping others. To become a volunteer, you must be associated with a community organization.

Miscellaneous services :

For example, in a case of fire we try to answer the needs of people by offering furniture and household goods for their homes by asking the population to call us when they have items to give to the centre.


Christmas Fundraising :

The Christmas Fundraising is a community project who helps out financially deprived families in our area. Schools, municipalities, organizations and businesses collaborate in this fundraising. A lot of volunteers participate at different times into the realization of this activity.

Each year, more than two hundred families from our area receive help for the Christmas project.



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