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Support to volunteer groups :

Technical services :

  • Secretarial work and production of various documents;
  • Photocopies;
  • Sending and receiving fax;
  • Occasional rental of conference room;
  • Reference of volunteers for special activities.

Promotion :

 News bulletin to members;

 Bimonthly broadcasts at CHAU-TV.

Formation :

Each year, the centre offers a workshop formation to the volunteer groups in the area.


  • Bénévoles et cuisinière / Volunteers and cook

    Frozen meals


    We need volunteers in the preparation of frozen meals and soups under the supervision of Mrs. Tammy Chatterton and the person in charge of the project, Mrs. Rose-Marie Fullhum.

    You like to cook ? Interested to become a volunteer ? For more information, contact Rose-Marie at 418 752-5577 mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays.

  • AGA 2019

    We want to invite you to are Annual general meeting, Wednesday June 5 2019, at 9 h am.

    -Presentation of the activities of the past year

    -Presentation of the financial statements

    -Election of the new members of the Board of Directors

    A light lunch will follow the AGM. It will be a pleasure to see you !

  • Bénévoles et cuisinière / Volunteers and cook

    Frozen meals

    The Little Frozen Meals menu :

    • Lasagna
    • Pork tenderlion
    • Shepherd's pie
    • Chicken breast
    • Meat balls stew
    • Salmon pie
    • Ham with pineapple
    • Cod filet
    • Macaroni with meat
    • Noodles and chicken
    • Vegetables soup
    • Peas soup
    • Barley and meat soup

    Note : The menu can change depending the disponibility of the meal you choose. Call the 418 752-5577 for information or inscription, some criteria might apply.

  • Bénévole en action / Volunteer in action

    A volunteer give smiles all around him!

    The Centre d'action bénévole St-Siméon/Port-Daniel is a warm place for the volunteers and the people on the territory. We have a professionnal and kind staff, who receive everyone with a great smile.

    There are many ways to get involved as volunteer, come see us, join us as a volunteer, come to offer happiness and smiles with us !


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    Volunteer week

    April 7 to 13th 2019